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The APS becomes BRAWOLINER® and Spray-Liner® Authorized Support Center (ASC) in New Zealand

Kaiserslautern/Bergisch Gladbach, 16th October 2018. The system suppliers BRAWOLINER® and Spray-Liner® further expand their recently developed „Authorized Support Center (ASC)“ to offer the customers worldwide the same services and the usual quality. International partners that are awarded this status fulfill certain criteria enabling them to offer the customers in their respective countries the high BRAWOLINER® and Spray-Liner® standards. After conclusion of the agreement, APS is the first Authorized Support Center in New Zealand.

APS with BRAWOLINER Authorized Support Center in New Zealand Mike Kolter (Head of Service & Administration), Gunter Kaltenhäuser (Managing Director BRAWOLINER), Darren Tickell (APS), Hakim Dehimi (Head of International Sales)

As a system supplier, not only do BRAWOLINER® and Spray-Liner® offer a complete and high quality range for the rehabilitation of defective pipes. The BRAWO® Tech division also covers high-tech products as well as equipment and tools for the installation of the BRAWOLINER®. Furthermore vehicle and special machine construction of high quality are offered. The BRAWO® Academy rounds off the portfolio: a comprehensive training and development program offers various seminars and workshops all about rehabilitation practice, planning, feasibility studies, standards and sets of rules.

APS (APS) is now „Authorized Support Center“ in New Zealand and thus fulfills certain criteria which among others include the rehabilitation of in-house pipes and property drainage installations, a training center with the BRAWO® Academy Standards, an on-site warehouse, the product marketing and a repair service. Especially to be emphasized is the huge and fully equipped showroom on-site where customers and interested parties can experience the BRAWOLINER® and Spray-Liner products as well as the equipment. Thanks to the close partnership BRAWOLINER® and Spray-Liner products can be delivered quickly to the customers in New Zealand despite the enormous distance – although they are produced in Germany.

„With APS in Sydney we have an extremely competent and reliable partner who is providing advise and support to the customers. We are excited that the customers can rely on the usual high quality and the reliability of BRAWOLINER® and Spray-Liner® because of the huge expertise and the wide-ranging offer of APS “, says Gunter Kaltenhäuser, Managing Director BRAWOLINER®. Darren Tickell, APS, is excited about the partnership with the German system supplier, too: „As Authorized Support Center we have the possibility to offer a more extensive support and advise to our customers and drive the market development in New Zealand.“

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